And then they avoid satisfying food that does have very adequate Vit C , & B6 as you mention. Cauliflower is basically a nutritional superpower. They are a “good” source of potassium. , This looks DELICIOUS, but I plugged it into MyFitnessPal and it’s 545 calories per serving. Nutrition facts and Information for Mashed Cauliflower. In my mind, eating healthy is … Perfect for the Christmas holidays too! It is DELLA-icious. Using an immersion blender, blend and simmer until desired texture is reached. 100g of potatoes equals 17 carbohydrates where 100g of cauliflower only contains 5 carbs. 2. I understand your source but ….. One cup also provides one quarter of your recommended vitamin K (via WebMD). In a Dutch oven, bring 1 in. Don’t be fooled by its white color – cauliflower is just as rich in phytonutrients as its green cousins. 1 cup, cooked; 29 calories; 5 grams carbs Appreciate what you are doing here & especially combining the two foods to maximize taste and deliciousness. Her trick is to use half cauliflower and half potatoes, plus herbs, real butter and half and half for a rich flavor. If your goal is a healthy family I bet they won’t even know there is cauliflower involved. , Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog content can sometimes validate peoples idea….see! Nutrition in mashed potatoes vs. mashed cauliflower. Cream cheese, butter and parmesan cheese add a nice texture to the Keto Cauliflower Mash. Use 880g of cauliflower, 1 cup skim milk, tspn garlic and a few other random spices. I substituted this dish for mashed potatoes as a low-carb alternative, and my husband said it was 'rockin' good.' Yes! Cauliflower, as a cruciferous vegetable, has phytonutrients called glucosinolates, which support multiple of our body’s systems, and antioxidants. Eat This, Not That! says you can swap the cruciferous veggie for mashed potatoes and you'll get more immune-boosting vitamin C and bone-strengthening vitamin K. It's worth noting, too, that you can't over-mash cauliflower the way you can potatoes, which happens thanks to the extra starch in potatoes (via The Kitchn). Maybe for special occasions though. Add cauliflower florets and cook until tender, 10 minutes. For a BIG serving of 440g the nutrition stats are Cals 146 Carbs 24g Fat 2g Protein 12g Sodium 110mg Fibre 12g as opposed to Potato mashed with 1% milk and unsalted butter (couldn't find any without butter? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When I do need to use a whole one (very infrequently) the Instant Pot definitely makes it easier – I just put the whole thing in without cutting it up at all. Cauliflower's rise to center stage stems from the popularity of plant-based diets, as well as those that are gluten-free and low-carb (via National Institutes of Health). Stir in cheese until melted. Cauliflower has a stronger flavor than mashed potatoes, but by adding in the traditional creamy elements you find in mashed potato recipes you will barely notice the difference. Get to know more about ketogenic diet and Carbs In Mashed Potatoes Vs Mashed Cauliflower here on this site. This cauliflower mashed potatoes recipe makes a great side dish whenever you’d normally serve mashed taters, and you can jazz it up even more with sour cream or gravy if you fancy. How To Make Oatmeal + Whipped Banana Oatmeal, 5 Tips for Keeping a Clean House with Kids, Clean Beauty Essentials + Beautycounter Promo Code, Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog. It's recommended that we consume 3/4 cup of cruciferous vegetables daily (via World's Healthiest Foods), and cauliflower is certainly a good option. Cauliflower is so popular these days – I’ve seen it in everything from crackers to pizza crust. Infographic. Mash cauliflower with the milk, rosemary and salt. aka Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes that you actually want to eat! Nutritionally, cauliflower is a great source of vitamin C, delivering 100 percent of your daily recommended amount in one cup (raw). When cauliflower is tender, dump water from pot and add cauliflower, potatoes, broth, cream. Required fields are marked *. Basically, by eating cauliflower instead of potatoes, you save about 53 calories and 13 grams of carbs, per half cup. Keto Mashed Cauliflower is a fantastic alternative for high-carb potatoes with their creamy, buttery flavor and smooth texture. Recipe looks good and I’m glad you’re featuring Della’s recipes. No matter what your main course, this naturally gluten free, low carb cauliflower mash will be a hit. That is until I tried Della’s cauliflower mash!! Cauliflower has significantly less carbs than potatoes. Can also substitute olive oil or ghee for dairy free 1 tbsp full fat coconut milk or heavy cream for non paleo 3 4 tsp sea salt adjust to taste 1 8 tsp. One half cup of cooked cauliflower has 14 calories, 2.7 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 1.4 grams of fiber, and a glycemic index of 1 (via NutritionData ). Heat cauliflower with an inch of water in a microwave safe bowl until tender. Mineral comparison score is based on the number of minerals by which one or the other food is richer. Someone zipping through the content would see the potato “value” comment and think…..hmmmmmmm.its not an excellent source of anything. They contain the phytonutrients carotenoids, flavonoids, and caffeic acid, and the vitamins and minerals they contain all contribute to overall good health. I do a LOT of immersion blending and know that the hot splatters can be brutal or even splat into the fire – yikes! So I cooked some cauliflower mash for the first time last night. I'm a Registered Dietitian, healthy eater, and mom of two from Charlottesville, Virginia. It's no wonder mashed cauliflower is becoming such a popular low carb … And they are delicious – who doesn’t love mashed potatoes?! I used to make this and called it caulipots Thanks for the reminder! As someone who grew up in the South, I am pretty particular about mashed potatoes. Creamy, cheesy and tastes amazing! Cauliflower mashed potatoes are a mixture of cauliflower, onion, garlic, and your favorite dairy of choice all blended up into creamy deliciousness. Mashed Cauliflower and Potatoes takes the best of mashed potatoes- creamy, silky texture and great when garlic, butter, and pretty much any herb is added… then takes the best of mashed cauliflower- less carbs and calories than potatoes for those watching such things as well as less starchy-natural sugars (1 cup of potatoes= 15g carbs and 80 calories vs. 1 cup of cauliflower= 5g carbs and 27 calories… But what's the nutritional difference between mashed cauliflower and mashed spuds? In same pot, steam cauliflower rice in a metal colander to preserve nutrients. Cauliflower mashed potatoes is one of our favorite side dishes. The net carbs in the Green Giant mashed are just 5 grams per serving, but a serving is a measly half-cup. Did you use 4 or 6? Your email address will not be published. There are only 5 grams of net carbs per … Mashed Cauliflower is the ultimate low carb side dish. The real difference between mashed cauliflower and mashed potatoes. Not a criticism just a safety warning – you really should take your pot off the lit burner before you turn on your immersion blender. This isn’t even close! Drain. That’s why it’s popular among the low carb and weight loss communities. See the recipe. Other Comparisons Similar to Potato Vs Cauliflower The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates based on how quickly they raise blood sugar levels (via WebMD). Healthline states that a low-GI diet may promote weight loss, and lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This keto approved recipe is sinful its that good! For more on Cauliflower nutrition see this article from Healthline. Mashed vegetables have replaced the potatoes in traditional mash with nutrient-packed veggies. Just a friendly suggestion, truly not trying to be hypercritical. While the texture is similar, cauliflower mash tastes like cauliflower and mashed spuds taste like, well, potatoes (via Reddit). Turn it into loaded cauliflower mashed… Cauliflower has one fifth the calories and carbs of potatoes, and a much lower glycemic index. Meanwhile, it provides lots of the vital fiber and micronutrients that you need every day. Not sure if this was just a staged photo but even popping it over to the other side of the stove is safer. Nutritionally, cauliflower is lighter in calories and carbs than potatoes and is more nutrient-dense. Yum! So while you may be getting a better overall boost from cauliflower, potatoes have their own benefits, too. I also LOVE your collaboration content w Della and Plenty. There are 142 calories in 1 cup of Mashed Cauliflower. Flavors of Parmesan, garlic, and chives brought cauliflower to a new level and we didn't miss the potatoes. Cauliflower v Potato Nutrition Facts. Here’s a side by side comparison of cooked cauliflower versus potatoes: Next to one another, cauliflower has a more impressive nutritional resume and is a bit more gentle on the blood sugar, but potatoes are still considered one of the world’s healthiest foods! And, more importantly, can you create a creamy, dreamy mash that satisfies cravings while keeping carbs in check? Plus a sprinkle of nutrition, home life, beauty, parenting, and travel. (I can’t say that I meet that goal daily!) Nutrition Data’s patent-pending Estimated Glycemic Load™ (eGL) is available for every food in the database as well as for custom foods, meals, and recipes in your Pantry. That also doesn’t take the ingredients you add to make them “mashed” into consideration. The answer appears to be a resounding yes; mashed cauliflower is an excellent, low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes (via Delish). Steamed and mashed cauliflower is a lower carb stand-in for mashed potatoes. Bring to a simmer. My kids love mashed cauliflower since I started making it for them. Here you’ll find a healthy mix of real-life meals made from whole ingredients balanced with the pleasures of life, including buttercream frosting and good wine. YUM! Keto cauliflower mash makes the perfect side dish. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Mineral Comparison. Birds Eye ® Mashed Vegetables—now you can indulge in the deliciousness of mashed potatoes while getting the nutrition of healthy vegetables. For more about Carbs In Mashed Potatoes Vs Mashed Cauliflower, please subscribe to our website newsletter now! One half cup of cooked cauliflower has 14 calories, 2.7 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 1.4 grams of fiber, and a glycemic index of 1 (via NutritionData). Hey Kath! “POTATOES Excellent source of nothing, but very good source of vitamin B6!” <– I thought potatoes were an excellent source of potassium, no? Your email address will not be published. Our mashed vegetables are seasoned and whipped to deliver the look, taste, and texture of homemade mashed potatoes. Carbs in Cauliflower If you’ve been on a ketogenic diet for any amount of time you have probably noticed the prominent use of cauliflower in recipes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Potato vs Cauliflower - In-Depth Nutrition Comparison Compare. ESTIMATED GLYCEMIC LOAD™ Glycemic load is a way of expressing a food or meal's effect on blood-sugar levels. However, when it comes down to cauliflower vs. potato, cauliflower wins. By seeing both foods compared, you can make wise choices on what you eat. But what about one of America's most beloved side dishes — creamy mashed potatoes (via HuffPost)? Let's talk stats first. The variety of potato you eat can also affect how quickly its sugar goes into your blood. Mashed cauliflower has an earthy, nutty flavor that's slightly more complex than potatoes. Cauliflower makes the best mashed potato substitute and this Mashed Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic adds a new dimension to this vegan mashed cauliflower recipe. Nutritionally speaking, the more diversity you have in your diet the better. Add butter, herbs, and seasonings. In traditional mashed potatoes I used cream, but we want to avoid adding any liquid. So having both cauliflower and potatoes together is better than just potatoes. Be sure to add these Keto Mashed Potatoes … This will definitely be on the menu! Potatoes and cauliflower can both be solid choices to add to your regular diet. On this page, we compare Potato Versus Cauliflower to see which food has fewer calories, less fat, more protein, and more fiber. Easy Mashed Cauliflower. Natural Laundry Soap + Makeup Brush Cleaner, Excellent source of vitamin C, K, folate, B6 and pantothenic acid. Maybe it should be changed to 8 servings then! Add cauliflower; cover and cook until tender, 5-10 minutes. Or, in the case of this Keto Mashed Cauliflower, it makes a great alternative to potatoes. Adding cream cheese, butter, and bacon to cauliflower makes a side dish or main dish you can’t wait to eat. It's much lower in carbs, full of vitamins C, K, B5, B6, folate, manganese and omega 3. That is a wise recommendation that I didn’t think of! Mashed cauliflower has only 25 calories per cup compared to mashed potatoes, which contain more than 200 calories! You can have an effective and low-carb replacement for mashed potatoes using just cauliflower, cream cheese, garlic, and seasoned salt. One of my favorite cauliflower recipes has been the Whole Foods version where it’s roasted with curry and peas. Copy infographic link Copy. Calorie breakdown: 51% fat, 43% carbs, 7% protein. Protein 3g There are 180 calories in 2/3 cup (5 oz) of Ore-Ida Mashed Potatoes N Cauliflower. In fact, the World’s Healthiest Foods recommends eating 3/4 – 1 cup or more of cruciferous vegetables per day. The first several times I tried mashed cauliflower… Mashed cauliflower makes a satisfyingly delicious subsitute for mashed potatoes, dramatically cutting back on calories, fat and carbs. Note you could probably use an instant pot, but I haven’t tested it that way! As the mash cools a bit the butter, cream cheese and parmesan will help firm up the mixture. One cup of plain cauliflower has 27 calories and only five grams of carbs (even with the cream and other ingredients, this only comes to 145 calories and six grams of carbs). You can see them in the orange and yellow chart on this page towards the bottom. Serves 4. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Mashed Cauliflower including 1 oz and 100 g. Potato’s are not an excellent source of anything!! Now, we understand that cauliflower isn’t the most exciting vegetable in the world. Yes, cauliflower mashed potatoes are low carb and keto-friendly. Thanks! This post contains affiliate links They are deliciously creamy and a perfect side keto side dish. Most of us eat AT LEAST a cup of mashed potatoes though, let’s be real. All it takes is 3 ingredients and about 15 minutes to whip up this extra creamy, buttery recipe. (source). Containing just cauliflower and a little bit of butter and a few splashes of heavy cream, this is a perfect low carb side dish. Cauliflower has taken consumers by cruciferous storm, showing up in everything from pizza crusts and pasta to hummus, "chicken" tenders, pretzels, and more (via Eat This, Not That!). (Source). That’s why it’s popular among the low carb and weight loss communities. So, double the net-carbs to 10 grams, and the calories to 160 — still not bad (compared to mashed potatoes with three times the net carbs), but homemade mashed cauliflower … Mashed Potatoes are such a comfort food! Take your mashed cauliflower to the next level with this yummy recipe! The versatile vegetable has a mild taste, great nutrient profile, and is undoubtedly low in carbohydrates (via Men's Health). of water to a boil. And, side-by-side, there are some noteworthy nutritional differences. Drain cauliflower using a colander discarding the cooking water and place the cooked cauliflower in a food processor. It’s filling and delicious, just like loaded baked potatoes. Cauliflower is also loaded with antioxidants and … Cauliflower is a low carb alternative for everything from rice to pizza crust. One of the easiest ways to remain low carb at meal times is to replace your regular high-carb mashed potato with mashed cauliflower instead. Why use cauliflower at all? Cauliflower mashed potatoes are an excellent low carb alternative to the real thing, much faster to cook than potatoes! One half cup of cooked potatoes has 67 calories, 15.6 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 1.4 grams of fiber, and a glycemic index of 7 (via NutritionData). One cup of potatoes has 110 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates. about | privacy policy, Copyright © // 2020 Kath Eats Real Food Jump to top. Excellent, Very Good, and Good are actually technical terms based on the DRIs. Potatoes on the other hand contain potassium, some vitamin C and B6, and, if you include the skin, fiber too (via Healthline). Excellent source of nothing, but very good source of vitamin B6. Nutritionally, cauliflower is lighter in calories and carbs than potatoes and is more nutrient-dense. Add salt and white pepper to taste. . Thanks again for the recipe! Here’s a side by side comparison of cooked cauliflower versus potatoes: Cauliflower. Boil potatoes in bite-size pieces until fork tender and drain. It can be very helpful to look at a side-by-side comparison of different foods. I also use the florets to make riced cauliflower in my food processor because I hate dealing with a whole cauliflower; it always makes such a mess. If desired, top with additional fresh rosemary and coarsely ground black pepper. You can also use a bag of frozen cauliflower florets – no need to spend three times as much on frozen riced cauliflower. 1. I love all of the nutritional information provided. But I agree w comment above. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says, Oh my gosh, I need to try cauliflower mash! It has one fifth the carbs and calories of potatoes, and a much lower glycemic index too–mashed potatoes are around 87, while cauliflower is between 5 and 15. Mashed Cauliflower is just like mashed potatoes except it isn’t loaded with carbs. Hailed for its low-carb, keto-friendly attributes, cauliflower is being used to replace flour, rice, and even corn in some of our favorite foods (via EatCaulipower). Not only is cauliflower super low in calories it only has 3 NET CARBS per cup. I promise: this is a cauliflower-potato mash that you will actually want to eat. Mash cauliflower with spread and half and half until at the desired consistency. Let's talk stats first. This blend of cauliflower and mashed potatoes makes a great side dish whenever you'd normally serve mashed taters. Easy Keto Low-Carb Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes is the best quick and healthy recipe using cream cheese, parmesan, and garlic to make cauliflower puree.