We use the term isotope to denote the different versions of any element when we talk about that element's different nuclear configurations, its different numbers of neutrons. If atoms of the isotope with a mass number of 118 contain 68 neutrons, how many protons are contained in the atoms of all isotopes of tin? :) Have a nice day too!!! 50 protons, 69 electrons, 50 neutrons. 119 - 50 = 69 24-12=12. The atomic number for magnesium is 12. How many protons, electrons, and neutrons… Thus, the average number of neutrons in a tin atom is 69, not 70. Tin-118 is one of the isotopes of tin. How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are found in one neutral atom of tin? Therefore this substance has 69 neutrons. a. A stable atom of Tin (Sn): Atomic number: 50 Protons: 50 Electrons:50 Neutrons: 69 When elements are not combined with anything else, they are typically neutral ( not charged.) An atom of tin has an atomic number of 50 and a mass number of 119. Sn-116 and Sn-117 can both be used for the production of the medical radioisotope Sn-117m which is used in treating bone cancer. Relevance. Nickel (Ni) Protons 28, Neutrons 31. Get the detailed answer: How many electrons, protons, and neutrons are there in each of the following atoms? How many neutrons are present in an atom of tin that has an atomic number of 50 and a mass number of 119. There are 50 electrons and 50 protons in the elemental form: so the number of neutrons = 120 - 50 = 70. It's atomic mass is 119. Neutrons: 12. Which atom has more neutrons, potassium-40 or argon … I choose the most abundant isotope, ""^120Sn ; note that tin has many isotopes. and, mass number is equal to sum of number of protons and neutrons, it is denoted by symbol A thus, The three isotopes of tin are given, Sn-116, Sn-120 and Sn-126, mass number for these three isotopes is 116, 120 and 126 respectively. 50. Answer: The tin atom has about 50 protons, 69 neutrons, and 48 electrons. Name the isotopes of tin that contain two, three, and six more neutrons than tin-118. It can be rolled, pressed or hammered into thin sheets like tin foil. atomic symbol and number of protons. How many electrons are present in a tin atom with a mass number of 119? A. Magnesium-24, 24Mg B. Tin-119, 119Sn C. Tho 119-50=69. 50 * c. 169 * d. 6.02 ´ 1023 * e. 119. Tin is interesting in that it is the element with the greatest number of stable isotopes of … It is very soft and malleable. 50 3. 9 years ago. 156 Explanation: 004 10.0points 14 C 2+ contains how many electrons, protons, and neutrons? 69 * b. Aww your welcommee!! Favorite Answer. * a. 56 correct 3. Tin isotopes are used in a variety of applications. Question: Question 7 (1 Point) How Many Protons Are In The Tin Isotope Sn - 106? But not all tin atoms have the same atomic weight (because the have different numbers of neutrons). b. The mass number, 119, is the sum of the protons and neutrons. The mass of a neutron is almost equal to the mass of a proton, with the neutron being slightly heavier. Since, they are isotopes thus, atomic number remains the same that is 50. So there are: Protons: 12. Sn-112 is used as precursor in the production of the radioisotope Sn-113 while Sn124 is used for producing Sb-124. This tin atom has 50 protons, 69 neutrons and 48 electrons. According to many estimates, the human brain contains around 100 billion neurons (give or take a few billion). Electrons: 50. Expert Answer Tin(IV) oxide would have the form: SnO2 because the tin (Sn) would have a +4 charge thus two oxygens (-2) are needed to counte view the full answer Answer Save. 127 * c. 78 * d. 53 * e. 74. And there will be 50 electrons around a neutral atom of tin.