Give them a nice mix. Warm up some vegetable oil in a non-stick pan. Hey Brian! Kotlet is a delicious family dinner that also makes great leftovers and is perfect for school lunch. Kotlet is one of those foods that everyone loves and everyone makes it differently from each other. It originates from the word “cutlet” which means a thin slice of meat or a croquette or cutlet-shaped patty made with ground meat. So, you've found yourself a nice Persian boy. Dressing. I used ground turkey instead of beef, mashed the potatoes, and kept the seasoning as is. Vegetarian Dish #5 - Vegetable Kuku (کوکو سبزی kuku sabzi) From: All over Iran I felt so good when I was making these patties because for an hour, everything in the U.S looked like home in Iran: the kitchen, the mixture in the bowl, the pan, my hands, the smell, everything in the kitchen felt like my maman. To make kotlet with cooked potatoes, you have to boil the potatoes in water or bake them before hand and mash them. I’ve learned to cook a few Persian dishes including the delicious kotlet. Thank you for the recipe for kotlet. You know why? I have very sensitive eyes. Raw grated potatoes as many recipes suggest but knew As a side note, I often wonder how the shape of Kotlet came about….I wonder if it was meant to be similar to the shape of a Paisley…. I haven’t had much luck with making good kotlet, but I’ll try your recipe this weekend. <3. Then pat it flat and try your best to form it in a tear shape. Kotlet is an Iranian favorite! We grow up eating it as children, sometimes hot out of the skillet But we never fall out of love with it! Lastly, I would like to leave you with a nifty YouTube video that I found some time ago. Thank you, Hi Pari, It’s 1/2 pound beef and it will make enough meat patties for 2-3 people. We grow up eating it as children, sometimes hot out of the skillet But we never fall out of love with it! salt & pepper. You may possibly wonder what the heck in the candle in the background is all about. Aug 30, 2020 - Explore Sogol Ordibehesht's board "Persian Appetizer", followed by 859 people on Pinterest. Unfortunately, sometimes my kotlet falls apart and that’s what lead me here. I used half of a Pita bread. This one looks pretty tasty and it has potatoes! Mother’s food is always the best , Totally agree with you Razena! Please do not use my images or recipes without prior permission. See more ideas about persian food, persian cuisine, recipes. Doing this may be a bit of a trick as each plate paper towel can only comfortable hold 3-4 Kotlet each, but if you are planning on eating them shortly after cooking it is well worth the extra room taken up in the oven as they will stay nice and crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Kotlet ~ Persian Cutlet By My Persian Kitchen • 11 years ago 14 Oct 2009 21. Kotlet tastes best when it is made the way our grandmothers used to make it, Fried! Good luck! I think it should be one pound . As a wise man once said, Kotlet is not a food, it’s the symbol of a mother’s love to her family. It works for me, for the most part. A perfect food for picnic. 4 years ago Video Wednesday By My Persian Kitchen • Norouz (Persian New Year), VIDEO WEDNESDAY. Wild rue. See more ideas about Recipes, Persian food, Mama recipe. This is by far my favorite way to make mashed potatoes. I compared the way I do it, the way I was taught by my husband and mother-in-law, to your recipe. Love the addition of tarragon! This recipe was a staple in our home growing up … MMmmmm…this looks delicious as a sandwich…it reminds me of our Kufta made off of ground meat, onions, parsley and spices…lovely dish.. It’s also very common to have these patties with different types of bread such as pita and with a side of French fries, tomatoes, pickles, Persian pickles with tomatoes and olives. One question: what do you suggest using instead of bread crumbs for a gluten-free person? Cut up 2 slices of bread of your choice into small cubes and let sit in a bowl with 1/2 a cup of milk for a few minutes. Your email address will not be published. Recipe from I’m not wild about American style burgers, but a more complex patty like this gets interesting…, Anne this is everyones favorite. Shape the patties and fry them in the pan with olive, canola or vegetable oil and then serve. Add enough salt to season well. However, if you would like to make kotlet with raw potatoes, simply grate the potatoes and add them to the ground beef. Mix well and add in onion, egg, spices and flour. To pan fry the patties, you can use extra virgin olive oil, vegetable or canola oil. It is part of Iranian culture to burn the dried seeds of this plant to ward off evil Besides this popular folklore, the smoke cleanses the air of toxins! It was delicious!) x, Hi Cristie! Kotlet aka Persian meat patties are one of a kind and an all-time favorite. Land of Aryans. Hope you try kotlet and enjoy it! So she made it in Iran too and here is the photo: Recipes that come straight from maman are always the best. These Persian meat patties though as you said are very moist and flavorful because of the boiled potatoes, there are versions that use raw grated potatoes but I prefer boiled , These sound great, I may be tempted to drop a little cumin in when I give the a whirl . Ground beef or lamb, or a combination of both. Peganum harmala. I haven’t tried it yet, but I sure will. But you can use ground turkey as well. Squeeze it very hard and dispose all the juice. I have used turkey. I love traditional recipes. « Mirza Ghasemi Persian Eggplants and Tomatoes. Another Persian recipe is here, and that means I am going to write a very long post telling you about the stories behind this dish, how it’s made and tricks and tips to make these delicious Persian meat patties that we call “Kotlet” in Iran. The differences I saw were that I grate my potato and I’ve only been using one egg… Maybe that’s what I was doing wrong?? We had Persian food for the first time recently and loved it! <3. Required fields are marked *. In another larger bowl, combine ground chicken, eggs, chopped dill, Greek yogurt, salt and pepper. Thank you Diane! I have tried several recipes and wanted to share my experience with making kotlets last night. It’s so fun to explore new cultures and their foods. These are the dishes my mom makes and I love to post them for everyone , These kotlette remind me of the kebabs my mum used to make. Each family has its own method of making it so there is no right or wrong. دلمه برگ کلم - Dolmeh barg-e kalam (stuffed cabbage leaves) is a variation of the well-known and popular stuffed vegetables genre known as dolma/dolmeh in Iran as well as among neighboring countries and different regions. October 29, 2014 By Homa 61 Comments. This Food Mill was given to me by Goli, one of my 10-20 times removed cousins,  as a birthday present a few years back. Eggs act as glue, so you definitely need one more egg in there! KOOFTEH TABRIZI کوفته تبریزی. Can’t say that I am very good at making everything look the same size and shape…but I sure try hard! This food is made of minced meat, potato, egg and onion mixed with different spices and fried in a … I so love it too. Sanam has always enjoyed cooking and she first practiced her cooking skills in her grandmother’s kitchen, who was indeed her inspiration. Read More…, Top 5 Secrets of Mediterranean & Persian Cooking. As I have told you before, we eat a lot of rice in Iran which the most basic one is the Persian Style Rice and it goes perfect with Persian cutlet. The patty should be not too thick or too thin. You probably have all the ingredients at home already. Serve warm with tomatoes and pickled cucumber. Once the potato is cooked, grate it and mix it with the onion and beef, using your hand. I love your sense of humor and your pictures. This is one of those Persian dishes that can be served warm or cold, at home or at a picnic. Kotlet tastes best when it is made the way our grandmothers used to make it, Fried! To make these Persian meat patties, all you need are only 6 ingredients: That’s all you need plus so much love for food and family. Persian Food, Desserts, Baking and Pastry Recipes with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Where the first and greatest empire of the world was founded. I can honestly say that I simply love Persian Kotlet. Because every Iranian mother, has her own way of making it and believe me when I say every single one of them is the most delicious Kotlet in the world because you can taste and feel that it has been made with love. or it will not taste right without it? You can always double all the ingredients and make more . Feb 4, 2017 - Learn how to make this delicious Azeri/Persian stew and soup called Shorba, and learn how it was made in old times. Then make the patties and fry them in olive, canola or vegetable oil until cooked completely. Remember how she used to make them. When I wanted to make these Persian meat patties a couple of days ago, I texted my maman and asked for the recipe, and sent photos of every step to make sure I was doing it right with all the details. You can make this with any ground meat that you have in your freezer, turkey, beef, lamb, or chicken. and think about all the flavors that started playing with my taste buds! When removing the Kotlets from the pan try to drain as much as the oil as possible. It's not originally a Persian dish but it's a soup that is very popular in Iran .