These solution BCF type 6, 6 dyed fibers are built to resist stains and fading. What sets Stainmaster Pet Protect Luxury Vinyl Flooring apart from other Luxury Vinyl is its proprietary ClawShield ™ top coat. The TruSoft Stainmaster is an exceptionally soft and fluffy carpeting. Install or Replace Carpet Flooring, More than 2 weeks, Single family house or condo, Install or Replace Hardwood Flooring, Timing is flexible, Commercial or business. It is very durable and easy to maintain. Get the Carpet that Resists Pet Stains. $7.19 per square foot. The Solar Max carpeting is designed to be placed in rooms where there is a great deal of sunlight that reaches the flooring area. STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ hybrid flooring also resists pet stains and odours from liquid accidents and is 100 percent waterproof*. He’s working.” Then, after a pause, Luke added, “But you’ve got to pet his ears. A basic padding may come standard with some of the carpet types. Stainmaster Pet Protect is one of hte best carpets for dogs and cats in the market. Shop STAINMASTER PetProtect Barkland Capri Coast Pattern Carpet (Indoor) in the Carpet department at Lowe' The elevator was quiet until Luke turned to the person beside him and said, “You can’t pet him. Formed in 1986, Stainmaster has made an impact in the carpeting and home interior world. Nylon 6,6 is exceptionally durable and will offer resilience and toughness for many years. What makes Stainmaster a class of its own is that it has a lifetime warranty on stains, pet accidents and soil staining. Many people think that Stainmaster PetProtect carpeting is just regular carpet that has been treated with a stain resistant product. Carpeting is meant to last, but each brand offers distinct features and highlights that help meet the needs of the homeowner. Some of the carpets from Tuftex feature the Stainmaster Pet Protect feature. No what does it REALLY cost! Pets are superheroes, taking the lead in family adventures. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "DO NOT BUY STAIN MASTER CARPET". However, they still want to stay on budget. pet stains that are often stubborn to remove. Visit our showroom to browse our selection. The biggest advantage to choosing Stainmaster over other brands is that it has a lifetime warranty. As with most products you buy, prices are at the discretion of the retailer. Labor costs may also increase if you have furniture to be moved. It comes with Fiber Shield technology that is patented only by Stainmaster, allowing it to have an upper hand on selling its brand amongst competitors. So when accidents happen, you can use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without fear. Stainmaster Carpet Wholesale / Discount Stainmaster Carpet Prices. We’re in the business of designing home products that stand up to everyday life. Stainmaster PetProtect carpet isn’t just a carpet with a stain resistant chemical on it. It is MADE OF the stain resistor, the SuperiaSD fiber that PetProtect is made from has inherent stain resistance.This fiber is also solution dyed with built in color that doesn’t fade. Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners. Its carpets also come in a huge variety of styles including: This means that the design options are endless when it comes to putting together the perfect carpet package. Thicker carpet can be more expensive to make but feels so good. Of course, one of the most important aspects of carpet buying is making sure you pay attention to the fibers – which can make or break a carpet. All StainMaster carpet is high quality. But there are a few other things to consider as well. STAINMASTER® carpet underlay STAINMASTER® carpet underlay has a breathable moisture barrier which helps protect your sub-floor when your beloved pooch or moggie has an accident. When homeowners make an investment in new carpeting, they don’t want to sacrifice overall quality. Shop for your next berber stainmaster nylon carpet online and enjoy great values. This wear layer is engineered to prevent pet claw scratches from even the biggest of dog breeds. STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ Hybrid flooring also offers Pet ActionTraction™ so your four-legged friends and their two-legged sidekicks can be as active as they want. Copyright © ImproveNetAll Rights Reserved. One is a protective moisture barrier that is breathable. Every home has unique needs, so learn more about our carpet styles and find the right option for you. Stainmaster Nylon Carpet has always been a great flooring option for homes and Pet Protect is no exception. Call 800-772-7090 for the best Wholesale / Discount Stainmaster Carpet Prices. With STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet in your home, no room is off limits. Our new STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® luxury vinyl effortlessly coordinated with our STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® carpet to help you style and protect every corner of your home. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpet RESISTS PET STAINS. STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ Hybrid flooring also offers Pet ActionTraction™ so your four-legged friends and their two-legged sidekicks can be as active as they want. The company has an excellent reputation about standing behind its lifetime warranty. And since it’s 100-percent waterproof, worrying about pet accidents is a thing of the past. Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet! It's a color safe variety and works easily with cleaning agents — resisting fading and spot staining. What sets Stainmaster carpet apart from its counterparts? For an additional cost, an antimicrobial technology or odor reducing pad can be added to the final estimate. Both in the Frieze "weave". Active Family has a lifetime warranty on stains, offering an exceptional cost value to homeowners when compared to other carpet brands. The secret of Stainmaster lies in the fiber construction—with physical properties so small, that you would need an electron microscope to see it. For homeowners who are letting a lot of light shine into their new remodel, the Solar Max is something that may benefit their flooring needs. The Premier Stainmaster Pet Protect collection continues to meet and exceed all high performance, high demand requirements. StainMaster was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Apr 28, 2015 and since then this brand received 8 reviews.. StainMaster ranks 629 of 1470 in Furniture and Decor category. Average Minimum Cost of Stainmaster Carpet: $3.49 per square yard, Average Maximum Cost of Stainmaster Carpet: $15.00 per square yard, Tactesse: Variety of luster effects and textures, Extra Body II: A rick and thick, soft carpet, Luxerell: Exceptionally soft carpet with a natural feel, Get multiple quotes for any home improvement project, See pro's rating, reviews, projects and more. Unlike its competitors, TruSoft is designed to withstand heavy traffic and wear without showing signs of losing its puffy texture. It is the first carpet and cushion system designed for pets and their people. A few of the carpets from Dixie Home are made with Stainmaster Pet Protect. This prevents stains from reaching the actual padding, which prolongs the life of the carpeting as well as the pad. High Quality Carpet On Sale! RESISTS PET STAINS AND REDUCES PET ODORS. Stainmaster carpet is a different type of nylon fiber they call “type 6.6.” This unique fiber type gets its … Get home design inspiration, cost guides, DIY ideas & local contractor info, all for free! And always remember we’re available to help, so if you can’t find an answer here, please contact us. And some questions crop up more frequently than others, so our popular Carpet FAQ page is sure to help you every step of the way. Save to Favorites. Peruse our selection of Stainmaster patterned carpets in multiple styles, colors and affordable cost ranges. The Pet Protect Stainmaster carpet is a great choice if the homeowner has pets or plans on getting pets in the near future. The way your carpet feels when you kick off your shoes can say welcome home. One brand, Stainmaster, lends a diverse selection of carpet choices. If you are replacing existing carpet, there is sometimes a cost to recycle or dispose of your old carpet. Did you know that carpet cushion can help with stains and odors (no one likes visual or smelly homes)? In-home estimate! Free samples (up to five) are available for all of our wool, nylon, synthetic and natural grass carpets. The soft and cushiony feel makes the floor more welcoming to use. How does it need to resist stains and soil (think play date snacks and fruit punch or friends and family wine and appetizers)? The cost of Stainmaster carpeting depends greatly on geographical location and the price of installation by a qualified carpet installer. Take a look at our Carpet Prices page and find out more about the factors that go into pricing. Resists Pet Stains & Hair - STAINMASTER carpet cushion helps reduce odors when cleaned. Back to Stainmaster today with a copy of his notes, receipt proving cleaning and photos. Curious about cost? Do you have a family with school aged children or a fun group of friends you consider family? They’re so soft.” ... Stainmaster® Pet Protect Carpet. Stainmaster Pet Protect resists pet stains, reduces pet odors, and releases pet hair from the carpet! Free samples (up to five) are available for all of our wool, nylon, synthetic and natural grass carpets. StainMaster Carpet Average Costs StainMaster carpet is sold either by the square foot or square yard, depending on the carpet dealer and type of carpet you select: By the square foot, prices usually range from $7 to $11. Save to Favorites. original carpet and the cost and installation of the comparable replacement carpet. Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpet Treatment is also anti-microbial, so you do not have to worry about mold and mildew. As with other Stainmaster brands, it also resists stains — even in high traffic areas. Stainmaster Pet Protect is one of hte best carpets for dogs and cats in the market. Stainmaster Carpets are made to be super stain resistant and easy to clean. Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpet Treatment is also anti-microbial, so you do not have to worry about mold and mildew. Durability – Stainmaster Pet Protect is made with the highly durable SuperiaSD™ nylon fiber, so it provides superior resistance to household traffic from kids and pets. See how STAINMASTER® carpet performs when tested. • All warranty coverage is transferable to subsequent owner-occupiers only in owner-occupied residences. LKS, May 7, 2014 #1. ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member. For Pets and Their People STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® carpet with STAINMASTER ® carpet cushion reduces pet odors when cleaned. And when accidents do happen, you can easily clean the carpet with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without fear. Available at your local Abbey Carpet & Floor showroom. Ft. $3.00-$3.99 (9) Apply $3.00-$3.99 filter ; $4.00-$5.99 ... Made of 100% Stainmaster Sd Nylon Pet Protect. The biggest disadvantage to Stainmaster carpeting is the overall cost. As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining.Stainmaster is also a brand which has worked with other leading US carpet … STAINMASTER® is here to help break it all down for you. Family, friends, and trusted sidekicks are free to enjoy life as it Families with active lifestyles, pets, or children should consider Phenix Stainmaster Carpet when choosing new carpet for home.